Big Excitement!

  Well, I had planned on starting this off talking about the fun time we had today with our friends, the Walden's, but a few minutes ago, Emily ran into the kitchen hollering at the top of her lungs. Her tooth, which had been wiggly for about a month, had finally fallen out. It was an especially big deal, because it was her first. Now we have the excitement of waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come. We are borrowing a tradition from Tanya and have put the tooth into a glass of water. This way, the girls can see what colour dress the Tooth Fairy was wearing (because of course, her sleeve will get wet when she retrieves the tooth, and the colour will run). Emma was a little freaked out by the blood (minimal) and would only look at the photo that I had taken of Emily's mouth, and not the real thing.
  Anyway, so there was this little event called New Years Eve last night. We're not big into celebrating it. Chris had a gig at a party with his band, so it was just the girls at home for the night. We had a little party of our own, with ice cream (and sprinkles!), and sparkling apple cider (in champagne flutes just for fun!). We watched Wipeout on TV (the kids are crazy for that show) and then watched the ball in New York over the internet. The kids were in bed by ten our time and I spent the rest of the evening scrap booking. I'm happy to say that I'm finally getting my mojo back. I've had all this time off, but I've barely touched my scrap booking stuff. I just haven't felt like doing anything lately.
  This afternoon we got together with the Walden's and took all of our kids on the Christmas Train at Bear Creek Park. There's still a fair bit of snow over there, so it was quite the winter wonderland. After the ride, the kids played in the playground for about an hour until their toes were frozen. Then we made our way over the McDonald's and had lunch. It was a great family day.
  At home, I spent the rest of the afternoon baking like mad for our pastors retirement lunch tomorrow. So it's been a full day. I was going to scrap a bit, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm wiped!


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