Getting my Mojo Back

 The last time that I wrote, I swore that I was going to post more often. Well, that didn't exactly happen... But, I'm back again, and hopefully I'll be a little bit better at updating this. I think what happens is I upload my photos to Facebook, and that kind of takes the place of this. Anyway, after a few months teaching at Clipper Street, I decided to move back across the river to Photo Express. I'm still not working regularly but I have three classes running at PE in September. I'll be great to be back with my regular customers. Here's a picture of one of my layouts from a class that I'll be teaching  later on in the month (Fall Frenzy Sept 26).

 I'm working on my classes for October. It seems funny to be working on Christmas stuff when it's 30 degrees outside, but that's just the way it goes!


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