Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day was really fun this year. Now that the girls are in school, they finally have the chance to exchange Valentines. We made two different styles. One was a set of pencils from Micheals with foam toppers, and the other was a die-cut puppy with a kit kat for a tongue. Of course, along with passing out Valentines, came the Valentine party. The school has gone on a huge health kick and heaven forbid you bring a cupcake for a party. I was getting bored of nothing but fruit for the class parties so I looked around for something that I could make that would not get me in trouble but would still be fun. I came up with brownies made with beet puree. I remember having something like this many years ago and thinking it was good, so I found a recipe on the internet. Sure enough, the result was more than passable. I nibbled on the scraps and found that most of the time, I couldn't taste anything unusual. I cut the brownies into heart shapes and sent them off to school. I'm guessing that they went over well, because nothing came home with me. Here's some pictures that I took of everything.


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